Tsuitate - rough assembly of freestanding shoji screen

To verify fit of all parts I put everything together yesterday. No major issues and the frame is flat and square without needing to alter it. The top cap rail sits on double tenons at each post and will be pinned upon final assembly. 

Lower rails are double tenoned and will be wedged to keep the frame tight and rigid. 

The bottom rail slides up on the post tenons and is only to be clamped in place (sandwiched) between the feet and the tenon shoulders. The feet will be secured by wedged tenons. Feet are the lone missing parts now - plus 20 wedges and 2 pins.

Once the feet are rough fitted I will begin final planing of all surfaces and chamfering of all exposed corners. The ends of the top and bottom rails need trimming and rounding in the case of the bottom rail. Last will come the installation of the shoji paper in the screens (again, the paper is attached to one of  shoji frames then sandwiched between the two frames).