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Tsuitate - Part II

This phase of the tsuitate project consists of building two fixed shoji panels that will drop into the mid-section of the tsuitate. Since the 2 panels will be back-to-back they are mirror images of each other and only one will have shoji paper attached. This mirror issue becomes critical if kumiko positions are anything but perfectly symmetrical. Mine were not symmetrical, but they will be next time. Alignment is good but it took extra care to ensure it - due to the asymmetry. Work from the centerline...

Allowance has to be made to permit removal of the panels to replace the paper. Together the panels will drop into a 2-bu deep groove on the bottom and a deeper groove on the top that will allow you to first lift the panels up into the deep groove and then set them down into the shallower bottom groove - so they are held in place by the top and bottom grooves. 
The panel width dimension is 4 bu less than the upper grid width because the shoji panels will not be set into grooves in the ve…