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Recycled redwood bench

Design considerations: This bench is for seasonal outdoor use but it could get wet or otherwise abused so it had to be durable. The design was inspired by Chinese benches though no particular example was referenced. Limited material impacted leg design, allowed no apron, and dictated overall size. The seat is a full 2" thick and therefore some form of visually lightening edge treatment was needed.

Material:The redwood for this project originated in a pre-1900 carriage house undergoing substantial renovation in San Jose, Ca. These were floor joists under a garage. Much was rotted, oil-soaked, split, nailed, caked with dirt and sand, termited, and otherwise unusable. The sound bits were far smaller than the original full 2" x 8" x 16's that made up the bulk of the boards and it took considerable effort to render them usable. Pins and wedges are of Honduras mahogany.
Old growth redwood is not like the stuff you get at Home Depot these days. The color is deeper, the gr…