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Cabinet hardware shop - Tokyo

A recent visit to the Tokyo shop of a traditional Edo sashimono maker (see Mogami Kougei) led to questions about where the delicate hardware comes from that adorns many small cabinets and items that sashimono makers create. It was no surprise to find out that there was a small shop nearby that sold only such hardware. Mr. Saito Ichiro is the owner of Saito Shoten and has been both making and selling such hardware for many years. 

Kezuroukai 2014 Odawara, Japan

The Kezuroukai (essentially a planing contest with shaving thicknesses measured in microns) takes place roughly once a year at a different host city in Japan. The 2014 event, the 30th, took place November 7 and 8 in Odawara Japan - a bit south of Tokyo. This is a national contest that draws hundreds of competitors from across Japan - and even a few foreigners. It is not sponsored by large machine tool manufacturers and bears little resemblance to the commercialized shows in the US. Organized by woodworkers and crafts people for woodworkers and crafts people who love their trades - and a bit of friendly competition.