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Ryoba (nokogiri) storage boxes

When you buy a (real) good saw - or just about any handmade item of quality - in Japan, it comes in a wooden box. The better of these boxes are made of kiri (paulownia - see left) due to its light weight and stability. Typical saw boxes contain the saw blade and either no handle or the handle is not installed. Makes sense, you can make a shorter box and saws in active use are not usually stored in their original boxes. But hey, I do not have a lot of space and I did not want these particular saws banging around in tight quarters. I am not the original owner and the boxes are long gone, but the saws deserve some respect.

My first effort was of old-growth redwood (right) from a former water tank. The box had to fit the 280mm ryoba saw with the handle installed so it ended up 72cm long x 13cm wide x 3cm high. All parts are about 6mm thick. The sides are glued to the top and bottom and are rabbeted so that the top fits over the bottom. The bottom is deeper than the lid. The corners are mit…

Basic sawhorses

OK, so the strange perspective of this picture is reminiscent of the Stonehenge prop in Spinal Tap, but this saw horse is only 92 cm high. That is the same height as my bench, as was the plan. These are made of decking grade Port Orford cedar but you might consider using something harder - depending on the type of abuse you intend to inflict.