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Garden Gate

Our hens were invading the garden so we fenced it off but were left with no convenient gate. In the shed I had some old growth, oil-soaked 8/4+ redwood and some newer 1" x 6" redwood, at least enough for a gate of about 34" wide by 36" high. Ripped the "stiles" from the heavier stock and planed them on all sides. A little bit of quaint shaping and piercing made it slightly less dull.

Tsuitate - Part 1

Tsuitate are free-standing screens designed to provide privacy for inhabitants of a house or shop that has doors open to a not-so-private area. Similar situation exists in my house so I figured a tsuitate would work nicely. Overall dimensions were roughly taken (approx 60" wide and 66" high, but final dimensions are not yet known). 

Conventional tsuitate vary widely in size and form.Some include shoji panels, but many do not. There are also multiple joined panel screens called byobu (屏風) used to block wind or draughts. Anyway, here is the scale drawing I will use. I sketched the shoji section a couple ways to see what they looked like. Final shoji will use spacing pattern on the left side and will be a single fixed screen with kumiko on both sides. Apologies for the distorted picture:

For materials, the top grille and center shoji are to be Port Orford Cedar (POC), the decking-grade variety. The framing needs to be solid so I am using approx. 3 inch square African Mahogany. I …